Saturday, November 30, 2013

The November pizza party was held at Mark and Peggy's place

It was a beautiful day for most of the day. The sun was out and the temperature rose into the early forties. I played Saturday morning tennis and then finished raking the last leaves in the front lawn. Those dratted oak leaves refuse to fall until it's almost Christmas. I bagged them up and transported them off to the St Paul leaf recycling site.

Then this evening we went to Mark and Peggy's for the usual November pizza party, but at a new venue. It was a nice party with the usual excess of pizza, salad and some desserts. We had a lot of fun, ate well and got reacquainted with some family not always in attendance at these gatherings. Mark's son, Mark II, delivered the pizza and went back to work at the pizzeria. He joined us later, but missed the group photos.

Left to right, back row: Gino, Mark, Andy, Peggy, Barb, Kelsey. Front row: Kara, Jimi, Laurie, Tula, Nicole.

The group again with Sharon instead of the Tousan. There was an exchange of photographers. Laurie for scale.

Laurie, Kelsey, and Nicole demonstrating flexibility and athleticism. A triple toe loop???

Nicole's daughter, Laurie, between two of her great uncles or is it great-uncles? She was enjoying the abundance of uncles in the room - mostly great ones.

So this ends the November blogging marathon. I must say that I enjoyed the process and although on a few days I found it hard to be fresh and original, it was a challenge and a nice way to keep up with the family. Now on to the Christmas season.


BDE said...

Great photos. I especially like the one with Laurie and her uncles Mark and Gene. So sweet.
An excellent pizza party.

Santini said...

Great photos, and it looks like it was another successful pie party. Everyone looks like they're having fun.

The one silver lining to Sharon's surgery is that she's on the injured list so she didn't have to join in with those three. Because otherwise, I think she might have.

Emily Miller said...

Excellent photos, I am sorry we missed the party. That is some impressive flexibility on display!

Thanks for playing along with the NaBloPoMo craziness for yet another year. It was fun.