Friday, November 1, 2013

Blog every day in November?????

It's November and I've blogged every day in November for the last several Novembers. It was a challenge, but I sort of liked the process. I think I'm going to do it again. Who's in???

I played tennis today at Fort Snelling. 6-2, 4-3. It was my now normal Friday session with the usual participants but with one sub. The oldest guy on the court, Dr. Bill, reiterated that every time that he's played tennis in about two years, he's been the oldest guy on the court. It happens to me sometimes, too, but not with the same consistency. Dr. Bill is 74 or 75, I forget which.

The North Country Woman (NCW) is now able to drive her vehicle. Her ankle surgery has healed enough that she tried out the new foot and pronounced herself capable of driving to her daughter's house and for sure to Trader Joe's.And she drove it to prove it.  Later  we had a walk up to Grand avenue and took in the sunny afternoon. Yesterday was Halloween and most of the Jack O'Lanterns are still out in the open. The squirrels haven't noticed them yet, but they soon will. These two were a couple of the nicest that I saw today. A cat and a big smiley guy.

The trees are looking like it's November. There are some that haven't received the message yet and they still are adorned with green leaves. The city has decided to sweep the streets. They say they can't wait for the trees to drop their leaves because it's probably going to snow and then they won't be able to sweep at all. At least the ash trees have agreed to participate. They gave up right away.

Day one. Twenty-nine more to go.


Santini said...

Those ash trees are quitters.

Congrats to NCW on her healing powers. She'll be a lot happier fully mobile.

Nice pumpkins.

Emily Miller said...

I will at least blog today... we'll see how it goes. The old blog has gotten a bit dusty.