Thursday, November 21, 2013

Sometimes there's a story to a neck pillow

The Prairie Princess blogged today. Then she took a photo for me so that I wouldn't have to resort to another selfie. I wanted a shot of the neck pillow that I was wearing when she took the shot. I used to have an aqua or teal colored polo shirt that was my favorite summer shirt. I wore it quite a bit, including a few times in Florida and likely on walking trips to Tunnel Park. A while ago, as I was taking off the shirt at the end of a busy day, I ripped the back of the shirt so bad that it seemed to be a total loss - something to throw into the trash. The fabric is polo shirt fabric and not so easy to mend. The North Country Woman said that she could make a neck pillow out of the material that remained. And she did. See the geezer sitting in his favorite chair with his favorite neck pillow.

We're getting a dusting of snow today. I guess we'll get a bit more and a trip to the deep freeze for a few days. The winter is beginning to tighten its grip.

It was a dark enough day that I had to make a batch of my veggie soup. I had some veggies that weren't getting used - a batch of celery left from my last foray into several bean salad, and a container of dried mushrooms that had been donated to the larder quite a while ago. Those were the main ingredients to start with and I added broth, onions, carrots, garlic, corn, diced tomatoes and mild curry paste.  Plus a few other spices.   Maybe a little too much of the curry paste, but PP judged it about the right level of hot. I think it turned out okay.  I'll have a bowl before I go to play tennis this evening.

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Dune Dweller said...

That NCW is a clever and creative artisan. Waste not, want not.

Your soup sounds good. I just bought some celery for the stuffing next Thursday, and it will generate leftover celery. Besides soup and many bean salad, I don't have a lot of uses for celery.

(I enjoyed PP's post today.)