Sunday, November 3, 2013

I mistakenly watched the Vikings play football today

It's Sunday and the third day of what Santini has called BEDFAMM. I have once again found a Halloween leftover in my neighborhood. This "jacko" was less than a block away and still looks pretty fresh. The squirrels are not yet destroying this one, but its time is coming.

The fruit of a couple of hours of raking and black bag stuffing was about a dozen well filled containers of damp maple and ash leaves. PP, Unky Herb and NCW rallied for some fun in the yard. NCW brought her leaf blower/suction device with her on our last return trip from the north. She named it Munchie 2, and sometimes calls it Barnie. It's reasonably adept at collecting leaves, but not as fast as the old style bag stuffing that has been around since black plastic leaf bags were invented. (She likes to name her machines. Her sewing machine is named "Ruby.") The rakes we used did most of the heavy work. We managed to get almost all of the current crop of leaves into one or another of the bags, but there is a large maple tree in the westerly neighbors' yard that seems to be bogarting its leaves - waiting until I'm unawares and then planning to drop a load in the yard.

Daylight Saving Time has fled and we're back to standard time, but it's still 54ยบ and a pretty nice day at somewhat past 4 p.m. November has been kind thus far, but it's early and I plan to be vigilant.

There will be a city election next week, too. It's just for mayor and school board, but November elections seem to be a regular part of getting through to the end of the year. I almost always vote, even when it's not a contested election. I guess it just seems like it's a citizen's duty.


Emily Miller said...

My dad always used to tell me that if you don't vote, you aren't allowed to complain. So there's that?

Excellent job on the raking. We did that today too, for the 2nd (of at least 3) time.

Santini said...

Nice job on finding another unique pumpkin. And on raking and bagging all of those leaves.

Ruby? That's what I call my bike.

BDE said...

Another excellent about-to-be-eaten-by squirrels jack-o-lantern photo!

I discovered that my lawn mower mulches as it mows, so we will have way fewer leaves to rake next weekend (although still a plethora of them). Good think you had so many helpers.

BDE said...

Good thing, of course. Although good thinking to make it sound fun so they'd help you.

Jimi said...

BDE: Nice save.

They were pretty easily convinced and a great help.