Saturday, November 2, 2013

There are still Jack O'Lanterns on St Paul's porches

My favorite weather site is currently reading 57º and the sun has been out all day. It's a beautiful day. PP and NCW were up for a walk to Linwood Park and around the neighborhood. In addition, NCW needs to exercise her healing ankle so we set out around the neighborhood. The Halloween pumpkins are still sitting around on folk's porches, remnants of the candy eating holiday. Some of them show quite a bit of imagination and creativity on the part of their creators. I liked this one today. I may try to include more as the month goes on as long as the squirrels don't completely mess them up.  Which they will, eventually.

We walked to Linwood Park, past the neighbors raking leaves, and past the garden on Milton where the owner raised a whole yard full of red peppers of perhaps fifty varieties. PP said that Drew had talked to him about his crop, and he apparently harvests them all and makes sauce for his own consumption - including the ghost pepper, one of the spiciest in the world.  He eats them every day, Drew says.  The guy seems to have a cast iron stomach. When we walked by we noticed that all the peppers had been harvested, from all 50-100 plants in his front yard. (I love living in the city.)

We managed a 45 minute walk and are now home where PP is practicing her new artistry - classical guitar - which she's learning from some site on the internet. I'm blogging and recovering from my morning session of geezer tennis at Wooddale. Today, I was the oldest guy on court 3, but managed to hold my own. Later I plan to read a little more of my current reading material, "Team of Rivals" by Doris Kearns Goodwin.  A tome and a half.  A historical narrative about Abe Lincoln and his cabinet.  NCW is sewing.

The trees are very beautiful this time of year. They are a little out of phase with expectations for November, but I think part of the problem has been the late spring. There are some streets yet, in the Saintly City, where the leaves on all the trees are still green and some where the trees are naked. This sugar maple is in its prime and with the blue sky behind it, quite striking. I'm not sure that I captured the beauty of it, but the photo is what it is.

Day 2 of November and the blogging continues.


Santini said...

It sounds like a nice way to spend the day.

Nice pumpkin, but I wonder if they'll really last very long. The vandals will get to the ones that the squirrels don't.

BDE said...

That pumpkin is really unusual. Cool photo. It was, indeed, a beautiful fall day.