Wednesday, November 6, 2013

A bunch of trees refuse to believe that it's November, even after a snow, and retain green leaves

It snowed a couple of inches over night and the lawn was white this morning for the first time this season. The sun came out and made for pretty nice viewing and photography, so I walked to Lexington and back on separate streets to see what Jacko's were left on peoples' porches and front yards. As you can tell from the photo we did get a fair amount of snow, but most of it has melted and the leaves buried by the snow are once again exposed. The temperature made it to 41ยบ later in the day.

I feel a little silly walking around the neighborhood taking pictures of slowly deteriorating pumpkins on people's porches, but so far no one has seemed to care much. This was a nice grouping and I didn't know that I'd caught myself in the frame until after I downloaded it to iPhoto.

NCW made rye buns this morning, so the house had that fresh bread aroma almost all day. I had to leave to play some tennis at Fort Snelling, but when I got home it was still pretty compelling. The tennis was good. We played three sets with varied partners. The scores, 2-6, 6-0, 6-3, were not too close, but the points were more evenly distributed than what seems apparent.

The local elections are over and our current mayor was re-elected to a third term. He's a local Irishman from a politically well connected family, and seems to be doing a competent job. It's hard to ask for too much more. Minneapolis will have a new mayor. They have to finish counting votes in their instant run-off election scheme before we know who wins, but it's not going to be Captain Jack Sparrow [sic], who finished far back in the field of 35.


Santini said...

Funny how when Jack-o's get old, they get short in the tooth.

I have rye bun envy.

This theme thing seems to be working for you. I look forward to them each day.

Emily Miller said...

Excellent self portrait, even if unintentional! That pumpkin in the foreground is still looking quite fresh and un-eaten. Quite a feat a week after Halloween.

Jimi said...

Santini: There's nothing like a good theme for BEDFAMM - even if it's just pumpkins.

Emily: I couldn't a planned that photo any better. I like it, too.