Thursday, November 7, 2013

The Vikings are playing on national TV tonight, but I'm boycotting the event

There are still Jack O'Lanterns out there and I'm riding this pony until he drops. I might even feed him if he starts to droop prematurely.

This is a photo from yesterday, but the orange men are still hanging out today.

I was having a bad day - some troubles with an eBay transaction and some stock market reversals - so NCW took me downtown to the Science Museum and we took in the current popular exhibit about the Maya culture in Mexico. I've visited some of their ruins - at Uxmal and Chitchen Itza in the Yucatan - and have had some latent interest in the now defunct civilization. It's amazing the things scientists have learned in recent years about how they lived, their science, and their religious practices. The exhibit was well worth the time and helped get by the current funk.

It was a day off from the tennis wars, but I got in a walk to Grand Avenue on a decidedly crisp day at about 5:30, when it was unexpectedly dark again.  The days are noticeably shorter and we're still more than a month from the winter solstice.  The change to Standard Time is quite negatively noticeable.

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Santini said...

Another nice pumpkin shot. Not much sign of decay -- I suppose the cold weather is helping to preserve them.

A creative approach to de-funking. Life certainly has its challenges, and I'm glad all it took was a trip to the museum to recover.