Monday, November 18, 2013

November is a pretty long month, it seems

Here in the northland, it never got to 32º F. and yet the lakes are still not frozen over. I read in the paper that some guy somewhere around Sandstone has already gone through the ice while attempting to do a little ice fishing. Swan Lake was entirely liquid.  The clouds had a strange purplish hue, probably reflected sunlight from somewhere in the stratosphere.  At least we had no scary wind storms.

NCW had her first day of physical therapy today in Nashwauk. It'll take 15-20 sessions before she's back to full strength, but the process has to start somewhere.


Santini said...

Very pretty sky. I think I know just where you were standing when you took it. Are the loons still around?

Physical limitations can be frustrating, especially when you're not used to them. It sounds like NCW is making good progress.

November is one of our darkest months here. Maybe where you are, too.

Jimi said...

The loons have skipped town and may have taken up residency at Ollie's Pond. Who knows?

Santini said...

There are loons around there in the winter, but they're strangely silent.