Friday, November 29, 2013

"Black Friday" is also known as "Buy Nothing Day" in some parts of the culture

It seems symmetric to close out the month with another pumpkin, ideally a Jack O'Lantern. As luck and life would have it, I failed to get a photo today, but I did actually see a few pumpkins still gracing the porches of some of my neighbors. There are three or four directly across the street. This photo, however, is a jack from last year - I think previously unpublished. It was taken on November 12 last year and we'd just had some snow. We are currently snowless in the Saintly City.

I have a great lot of turkey and other Thanksgiving goodies left in my refrigerator. I had a couple of turkey sandwiches, some stuffing and gravy today, but it appears that I'm going to have to freeze some of it if I want it to last, and so that I get full benefit of the tryptophan. Turkey is pretty good for a couple of days, but it doesn't age all that well, or at least that's what I think.

I played tennis again today. Tennis Dennis returned to the courts after being away for about three months for an illness. He played pretty well for an old guy who has been out of action that long. It's nice to have him back.

I think today is Mark and Peggy's wedding anniversary. Happy anniversary to both. We'll be having pizza together tomorrow night at their place. Probably a bloggable event.

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Santini said...

Snowy pumpkins. Nice.

You have no snow??

Happy anniversary to Mark and Peggy from the Michigan branch, too.