Wednesday, November 20, 2013

"'Selfie' named Oxford's 2013 word of the year over 'twerk,' 'binge-watch'"

I see that Oxford Dictionary chose "selfie" as word of the year. It means a photo taken by oneself of oneself. I just learned of it recently myself, but I've indulged in them unknowingly from time to time. I just didn't have a name for the process. After consulting with the Prairie Princess about how to do it, I tried one or two. See below. In a month where I've posted a bunch of pumpkin heads, I guess one more doesn't make much difference.

Twerking is the dance made famous by Miley Cyrus. Binge-watch means to watch many episodes of one TV series back to back to back.

Another cloudy day recorded on the street where I live. It was warm - maybe 45ยบ - and no danger of snow for another day. I remember some pretty horrific blizzards in Novembers past, usually, it seems, on Thanksgiving weekends. I took this photo at about 4 p.m. after returning home from playing indoor tennis at Fort Snelling.

Blogging every day for a month takes some discipline and some desperation when trying to come up with new and/or novel topics and related photos. There are still ten more days in November.


Santini said...

Good job. We did a series of selfies last January, I think. I don't recognize the location of your double selfie.

I laughed at your pumpkin head reference. A little self deprecating humor.

I've been out of subjects to blog about for quite a while now. At least I haven't resorted to sticking my camera out the door after dark.

Jimi said...

Selfies could be a short term theme, especially in the absence of much other inspiration.

I've also been tempted to photograph fire hydrants as a theme. St Paul's have been painted lately - yellow, red in combination, and sometimes, unpredictably, partially green.

Dune Dweller said...

I think NCW would enjoy a fire hydrant mini-theme. Ours are all yellow, I'm pretty sure. I may go back and look and January's posts and re-post some selfies.

Gino said...

We are binge watching "The Sopranos".