Tuesday, November 5, 2013

I went to vote this morning, got my sticker, and then waited around for the blizzard to arrive

The first possibly plowable snow of the season is expected here tonight. It's starting to look like it may actually dump perhaps 4-6 inches of lovely whiteness on St Paul's lawns and sidewalks. The Jack O'Lanterns are still sitting on steps and porches and likely will have a different look tomorrow. This sad looking monkey was on Osceola Street, hopelessly awaiting the hungry squirrels. I've been watching the squirrels scratch out vittles from the lawn - digging holes and burying treasured morsels. This year we have three colors of the long-tailed vermin - black, gray and white albinos.

The polling place in my neighborhood, where I spent several patriotic minutes this morning, voting, wasn't very busy. There were only two races on the ballot - mayor and school board - and the incumbents were heavily favored. The authorities expected about 15% of the eligible electorate to turn out today. St Paul is using ranked choice voting for mayor this time - the first time used here - and four candidates are vying for Chris Coleman's job. Everybody gets to vote for up to three candidates in order of preference and the computers sort out the winner, or so I'm told.

I saw several cardinals flitting about in the bushes in the back yard this morning - maybe five or six bright red males. I would have thought that they would have left for points south by now, but they looked busy, flying about, looking for food and contesting for their own home areas. I suspect that they'll be gone soon. I don't think that they winter here.


Santini said...

That pumpkin is looking a little shriveled. It's an interesting theme.

No voting here today. I even went by my polling place just to be sure. If you don't vote, you can't complain, I've been told.

Mrs Smith said...

That may be my favorite pumpkin picture. You should put them all in a book.