Thursday, November 14, 2013

There is a rumor that Andy Kaufman staged his death in 1984 and is still alive in Arizona.

The Prairie Princess and I had a walk today in pretty nice weather. NCW stayed home to rest her healing ankle.  It was sunny and in the upper 40's, very pleasant for the middle of November. We walked past Linwood Park, down St. Clair and up the big stairs by the tennis courts into the Crocus Hill neighborhood. We were looking for Jacks, and talking about the quality of life in this great state, and how things have changed in the world since I moved into this neighborhood.

The Halloween decorations are still out there. Soon most will be replaced with (gasp) Christmas lights, but this grouping is still pretty attractive. There is a Jack O'Lantern, or two, among the other uncarved pumpkins and they're beginning to show their age, too. There is a short life for these orange beasts.

The Halloween decor abides. People go all out and I guess they like to see their handiwork last at least a few weeks.  That's as big a spider as you're likely to see the rest of the year.

It's November 14 and on a street a few short blocks from here there is a stretch of trees that still have refused to give up their foliage - Kelsey trees, because they never give up. They're almost all oaks and very healthy looking.

I played tennis at Wooddale Tennis Center - the Fun Zone - tonight with Jerry and the hard core girls. I'm, as they say in some parts of the English speaking world, knackered. It was fun, but I need some rest before I go out and do it again.  Tomorrow.


Santini said...

I think the pumpkin decor is still seasonal until Thanksgiving, more or less. Not so much the Jacks, but the cornstalks and pumpkins, I think.

Spiders are scary.

Gino said...

I think Miley Cyrus is probably even more popular than Andy Kaufman fake death rumors.

But . . .

Good luck.

BDE said...

That first photo should be on the cover of your book: Jacks and the Cornstalk.