Friday, November 8, 2013

Against expectations the Vikings managed to win their first game of the year in the USA

There are still a lot of Jack O'Lanterns loitering around the neighborhood. I think that the selection will begin to thin out as the month elapses, but for now there are plenty. NCW and I took an expedition to see if we could find a good representative of what's left. We took a different route, crossing to the east side of Victoria and walking east on Goodrich and back on Lincoln. This Jacko was somewhere along the route. He's starting to look a little haggard, but so far the squirrels haven't found him.

On our walk around the neighborhood auditioning the remaining Jacko's for the blog, we encountered this piece of sidewalk art. It looks a little different with a garland of fallen leaves around it, but expresses a pretty good sentiment. It's one of several pithy poems that St Paul has included on some sidewalk sections when they get replaced.

It's time for a status update on NCW's recovery from ankle surgery. As you can see, she's standing and walking, but still is dragging around the walking cast that protects her healing ankle. There will be a doctor visit next week and we'll see how the recovery goes from there. She seems anxious to get back to normal.

Tennis at Fort Snelling today was especially taxing. We played with a quality sub and struggled for over 90 minutes to get to a 7-5, 4-4 result. Close enough and quite a lot of fun and exciting points. I'm knackered.


Santini said...

I think that Jack-o probably looks as good today as it did on Halloween. It has the look of a kid carved pumpkin. Nice addition to the group.

NCW looks pretty energetic for a woman with her foot in a cast. I'm impressed at how active she's been, given that she's been hauling that thing around with her. I hope she continues to improve and gets back to normal quickly.

Mrs Smith said...

What is normal, and does NCW really strive for normality? She is above normal for sure (or interestingly weird which would be high praise in our family!).

I like the pumpkin who looks kind of rueful.

Really, all these pumpkins pictures should be compiled into a book. Need an editor?

Emily Miller said...

I'm glad to hear that NCW is recovering well. She certainly looks cheerful about it.

Jimi said...

Ms Smith: The compilation of the pumpkin pictures sounds like a worthy ambition. I'm thinking that I might try for a calendar with only Jacko's. I'll keep your offer of editorship in mind.

Santini: It seems like very few Jacko's are done by kids any more. Maybe it's because a sharp knife is almost always part of the project.