Sunday, November 17, 2013

Mark it down as a Sunday not to be long remembered

It was a dark, wimpy day. I managed a visit to Swan Lake and am including a current view from NCW's deck. There's not much scenic about it and could serve as a "before" picture for a "before and after" sequence. As darkness deepened when the sun moved lower in the sky, it started to snow. Just a few flurries with some misty rain. Nothing serious nor very pretty.

We did have a really tasty walleye dinner at Florio's in Cohasset. I guess that may have been the high point.

The Vikings lost big time. I did not touch my tennis racket for the first time since Tuesday.


Santini said...

I can't agree -- it looks quite scenic to me. It looks like it is waiting for winter to appear.

BDE said...

The Vikings always lose and that scene from NCW's deck looks pretty scenic to me, also.

Tennis isn't everything!

Maybe you were spoofing on the "It was a dark and stormy night" line.