Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Back to the relative heat of the big city

After a couple of days by Swan Lake, I left NCW by the lake and came back to St Paul. Swan Lake was still iceless yesterday, but it was cold overnight - in the lower 20's, so there may be lake ice there now, too. There is ice on Como. After an uneventful road trip home slowed only by a lunch stop at White Castle in Hinckley, I arrived home in sunshine. The Prairie Princess was here and we went for a walk at Como to enjoy the nice weather. It wasn't quite as nice as it had seemed, but it was good enough. The lake has begun to get a thin layer of ice on the surface, especially in the central part of the lake. We stopped to look at a small flock of mallards in the water. They may have been the same group that Mr Moohoo photographed a couple of days ago. I missed a good photo of them because my camera battery bogged in the cold.

The ice forms in its own way. The rock interfered with a smooth transition to solid and caused small shards of ice to pile unto the rock itself. There was a small area of open water on the leeward side.

The sky was pretty interesting. The clouds and sun had a late autumn interplay that only seems to happen in late autumn.

We finished a circumnavigation of the lake before dark and managed to get home through rush hour traffic in time for a warm dinner.  Leftover pizza.

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Santini said...

I don't believe I've ever seen that ice/rock phenomenon before.

Very pretty sky. You're right -- very autumnal.