Sunday, November 10, 2013

I think that this Jack O'Lantern theme has a few more days to run

I haven't given up on the theme of the month, but the pickings are starting to thin out. People are starting to toss their old pumpkins into the garbage as they rot and get partially consumed by the neighboring squirrels. It's almost two weeks since theJack O'Lanterns were stationed by front doors and on porch railings.  I've begun to stockpile photos to last through the end of the month.

NCW and I went out to find grist for the blog a little after noon. Photos and anecdotes.  This guy is nearly done. The squirrels have found him and they like how he tastes. He has only a couple of more days. All is lost.

This Jacko was previously posted on this blog on November 3. He's still around but aging.  And down in the mouth.

This is a previously unposted Jacko. It's more of the vanilla variety, but is beginning to show its advanced age.  You can see his hat through his mouth where it has settled.

This is one of the more unique yard decorations in the neighborhood. It's enough to scare you any day of the year. No need to wait for Halloween.  Interestingly, it is leashed to the tree behind it as though it were actually alive and a threat.

It was a pleasant, but chilly walk around the area. Tomorrow promises to be the first day of the season when the temperature will remain below freezing. The dark season is upon us.

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Santini said...

Stockpiling photos makes good sense. I've been doing some of that too.

Having a theme does seem to make it easier to post something every day, though.

Good post. Interesting photos. I expect the chaining of the big cat is to keep it from being stolen.