Saturday, November 23, 2013

The first "Doctor Who" was broadcast on this day in 1963. Fifty years ago.

I must admit that I could have taken a photo outside today. I did not. I'm instead relying on an archive shot from 1987 to fulfill my pledge to blog every day in November for today. For frequent readers of this blog, the identities of the subjects are easily ascertained. Unky Herb and the Prairie Princess at a tender age.

It was a cold day today. The coldest so far this season, and the shortest amount of sunlight so far this dark season. The sun was out and bright, but the temperature never reached 20º F. and is predicted to dip to 3º F. tonight.

It was not a blockbuster day. I played some morning tennis at Wooddale, then NCW and I went to find some exercise equipment to facilitate her physical therapy. We found a pedal exerciser, which is the pedal part of a exercycle, at Sports Authority, and it pretty well fills the bill.

PP is off to EM and EM's for some dinner and social activity. There may be photos elsewhere on the blogosphere.


Santini said...

I was aware of the 50th anniversary of Dr. Who, but was a little surprised to see you mention it here. The Grands are big fans, as you may know.

Stay warm.

Wayne said...

Signs that Winter is fast approaching and time to get ready for Indoor Tennis