Tuesday, November 26, 2013

It's a nasty weather day, but no blizzard in sight here for a few days at least.

It looked like a sunny, reasonably pleasant afternoon. I needed some exercise and so did NCW, so we decided to walk to Grand Avenue and see if there were any interesting things going on in the neighborhood, maybe something that could be photographed and uploaded to blogger.   Appearances are sometimes deceiving. There was a biting wind and the temperature a mere 20ยบ F. That means a nasty wind chill. We bundled up and went for a 25 minute walk, but it wasn't pleasant and no photos seemed worth taking my gloves off for. For the record, there are still a few pumpkins on porches, even a few directly across the street.

Since NCW was in the process of making rye buns for Thanksgiving, I decided to use those buns as my theme for the day. Here they are just before going into the oven.

Baking buns - the process of killing the yeast and making the breadstuff delicious.

The final product, fresh from the oven, ready for butter and Bowerman's Blueberry Preserves.  I had two.  Very tasty.

I asked her about the recipe, but she doesn't use one. She just mixes about the right amounts of each ingredient until it looks and feels right. It works for her, but it's not possible to post a recipe on the cooking blog. I know, however, that she does not use any cinnamon at all. I asked.


Santini said...

I've seen her make them -- it's a process, not a recipe, I agree. You're one lucky dude.

Emily Miller said...

I am looking forward to those rye buns! Well done, NCW.