Saturday, November 9, 2013

Saturday, the day named for the ringed planet, Saturn

It was a good day to hunt for Jack O'Lanterns. I'm still not sure how long this can continue, but there were still a lot of them sitting around on steps and porches. I think they may be gone by Thanksgiving. I guess I'll see. I'll have to find another theme if that comes to pass.  This is my favorite Jacko from today.

Less than a block away on Chatsworth this guy appears to be losing his lean and hungry look.  The cold weather seems to be retarding the speed of decomposition.  After all it's nearly the same temperature as the average refrigerator most of the time this part of the year.

Another unique Jack. This one seems toothless - a rare breed. And without a nose hole.

It was a cold and windy day and the wind took care of bringing down a lot of the leaves on the more stubborn of trees. My neighbor was out raking this p.m. and told me that it was his third attempt to get the leaves off the ground and into those big black plastic bags.  He's a pretty determined guy.  This is how one street in St Paul looked this afternoon.

I played Saturday morning tennis at Wooddale this morning. I was tired before I started and again knackered at the end. It was competitive, and the scores were close: 4-6, 4-6 in ninety minutes.


Retired Professor said...

That's a nice collection of Jack's. I like the last one, mostly because it is different.

I don't see many pumpkins here when I'm out and about, and I haven't seen a Jack-o since about Halloween.

BDE said...

I like the first one since he seems to be wearing a toupee.
Did I mention a compilation?