Monday, November 11, 2013

I'm beginning to weary of the search for carved pumpkins. Nineteen days to go.

It's Monday and a sunny, but quite chilly a Monday it was. The route for looking for Jacks took me further east to Crocus Hill Street and back along Fairmount. There are still quite a number of creations left outside, and today there was no fear that any rot would take place. It was too cold.

This is the best of the mouthless Jacks, a bit wrinkled, but mostly uneaten.

Another designer and carver and a little bit different look to this Jacko.  A simple design with a square nose and triangular eyes.  Just a slit for mouth.

While out and about, looking for orange fruit-like objects, we encountered another of St Paul's sidewalk poetry. Food for thought?

Unky Herb makes another guest appearance in the blog. He's shown here as he arrives in the evening, dressed for the kind of weather that we're having and are likely to continue to have for a few months.  It's nice to have a human in the blog, especially one with some orange to him.

I was going to try to work the word "bloviate" into the blog, but I see that blogger doesn't recognize it as a real word. So I guess I won't use it.


Santini said...

Bloviate is indeed a word. Boo, Blogger.

verb informal
talk at length, esp. in an inflated or empty way.

I'd ration out those Jack-o's if it were my theme. Scouring the neighborhood on a daily basis -- in November -- is above and beyond. I think we're all enjoying them, though. So there's that.

Emily Miller said...

It is indeed puffy coat season. Boo.

B said...

Bloggers who bloviate are boring. No boring bloviating bloggers in our bunch. Bravo.

Santini said...

B-- Well said!