Wednesday, November 13, 2013

That Miley Cyrus thing did nothing to enhance my blog visit statistics.

Jack O'Lanterns. They are still out there on porches and steps, but they are beginning to become squirrel fodder. The ones that have been eating on this Jack seem to have done a fairly symmetric job of enlarging the eyes.

Another of the toothless variety of Jacks. This guy is in pretty good shape having so far avoided the attention of the squirrelly creatures.  But he looks a bit frightened for his future.

The oaks, at least some of them, have dropped almost all their leaves and the black scraggly branches stand out against the very blue sky.  It was in the low 50's today, a very nice November day.

NCW went to the surgeon today and he retired the walking boot. Now she has an ankle brace to replace it and a soon to be arranged schedule of physical therapy at a Nashwauk clinic. Progress.  She'll be dancing by New Year's Day.

I was back to playing tennis again today. Wednesdays I play 90 minutes at Fred Wells Tennis Center at Fort Snelling. I was about a half step off my game today, but it was still fun and I'm glad I played. 7-5, 4-1.


Santini said...

That first photo is kinda creepy. It's too symmetrical.

Good news about NCW's post-surgical progress. An ankle brace sounds a lot less cumbersome than that cast.

So -- where are you taking her dancing on New Year's Day?

Emily Miller said...

Good news for NCW, glad she is on the mend.

And I agree with Santini - that first photo is creepy.

Jimi said...

The dancing likely will be a private event. There might be a video available on that day... or maybe not.

The creepy Jack is a squirrel thing and I claim no responsibility.