Sunday, December 1, 2013

December begins darkly

It's December, and I'm going an extra day on the BEDFAMM thing. It's getting to be a habit. And I had some time. NCW went to Pengilly to see her physical therapist and stuff, PP went to a movie with Wireless, and Unkie Herb had a meeting in Woodbury to attend. The Vikings looked like they might get beat again so I took my handheld camera (the one without the "white balance" option) and went to see how the falls on Minnehaha Creek were doing, and I thought a walk along the creek might be a good idea to finish digesting all that pizza from last night.

It was overcast, but still pretty warm for December, in the thirties. The falls have continued to fall, but the ice fringes that develop in cold weather have formed and the falls has taken on its winter look. This is view from the top level of the creek .

A slightly later, slightly closer view of the falls. A couple of things to notice. There is a person behind the falls, in a place that is forbidden, although I've been there myself in my younger, wilder days. The other cuteness here involves the couple in the lower left corner who are taking a selfie with the icy falls in the background. As is sometimes the case, I didn't know they were there until I looked at the photo on my computer.

Minnehaha Creek below the falls on the way to the Mississippi reflects the season. The ice hasn't won yet, but in a few weeks it may be possible to walk down the creek on the ice.  I walked all the way to Bridge #4 before turning around for home.

Incidentally, the Vikings did win the game, beating "da Bears" in overtime.


Santini said...

Ah, the falls. It is always pretty there, but it's spectacular in winter.

I took a short walk today, but nothing comparable to yours. We've gotten a short reprieve from the cold and snow, and it was fairly pleasant.

BDE said...

I checked the blogs, feeling kind of down, expecting nothing. But you posted pictures of one of my favorite spots. Thanks!