Monday, December 2, 2013

It didn't snow until mid afternoon

Some habits are hard to break. It was a cloudy morning, but warm enough to walk. I looked at the on-line radar and saw a line of blue coming from the west as usual. I realized that soon the snowless ice surfaces in this part of Minnesota would become snow covered and would remain that way until spring - probably. The sun appeared for a couple of minutes before vanishing again, but I was encouraged enough to suggest a walk around a St Paul Lake. So PP and I went to Como and took a turn around the 1.6 mile circumference, half mile diameter (C = π*d; hence d = 1.6/π; d = .509 miles) of the body of water. The surface was ice all the way across and thick enough to walk on, although we ventured a scant ten feet onto the lake. There were visible sins of previous ice fishing off shore, so the ice is probably thick enough for lighter weight people to venture out. I think I commented on the relative lack of hikers today, especially as compared to July. But, hey, it's a December Monday and a cloudy, chilly day doesn't bring out the fair weather crowd.

Here's a photo from the peninsula that juts out into the lake. Ice all the way to the other shore.

The Prairie Princess was standing on frozen, and snowless, Lake Como.  She's dressed for the Minnesota weather.

As we drove home the flurries began, but we stopped at Trader Joe's for some oatmeal and smoked salmon, then came home. It is now snowing like gangbusters.


Santini said...

Thanks for the heads up -- it will likely get here in a day or so.

I really like that first photo of the frozen lake with the windswept snow. Very nice.

Kels' winters in Norway were probably as cold, and certainly darker, than Minnesota winters.

Jimi said...

Thanks. I may try to change to that shot as my header photo. At least for a while.

Santini said...

On the subject of photos, Nicole borrowed three from your blog yesterday and posted them on Facebook. She gave you credit, of course. I think she really liked them!

Santini said...

Sunday's post, not yesterday's.

Jimi said...

I'm glad she liked them. And I'm happy that she gave me credit. I need all that I can get.

Emily Miller said...

2 days of bonus blogging in a row? I am impressed. That photo of Kelsey on the ice is really cool.

Mrs Smith said...

Imagine my surprise. I was not even going to check but then TOPWLH chastised me and I realized I should not assume. All four of you blogged today. Joy!
The windswept snow on the lake is beautiful and Kelsey's new jacket is nicely displayed.