Friday, December 6, 2013

Too Cold

It was too cold for much of anything today. It's amazing how fast the seasons change around here. I needed a colorful photo for today, something seasonal and something to brighten my day. I'm going with this poinsettia from the Como Conservatory last year. It's red and speckled and full of the spirit of the season that I'm trying get to.

I didn't spend much time outside, except from the car to Fred Wells Tennis Center and then back to the car. It was above zero then, by a tad, but it has sunk back to negative territory and is expected to be perhaps -15º F. by morning. So I'm hanging around inside listening to the heating system creak.


Gino said...

Pretty cold here too.

Boy, the streets are terrible.

Santini said...

Sheesh. It get bitter cold where you live. You should go visit Florida, or something.

I've seen the Poinsettia Show a few times, and it is always worth the trip.

Jimi said...

The streets are really bad in St Paul. They never plow soon enough and when it's this cold the salt just doesn't work very well.

I'm hoping to hibernate for a while until the heat returns at least a little bit.

Emily Miller said...

Hibernation sounds like an excellent plan to me. No sense going outside unless absolutely necessary. Brr.