Monday, December 30, 2013

White elephant photos

We had the annual white elephant/pizza party on Saturday here. I didn't take any photos, an oversight that usually doesn't happen, but I'll report that we had eleven for Papa Murphy's and Papa John's pizza, Peggy's salad, cold wine and beer, and an apple pie furnished by Andy and Tula. We opened the white elephant gifts, ate and drank and generally had a good time. Mark brought a packet of old photos that he inherited from his mom, many of which I hadn't seen. I decided to post a few that I had questions about or that I liked.

This picture from about 1945 is Dad with Tommy and Jimmy. Jimmy is almost impossible to make out, but he's sitting next to his older brother on the tractor on Dick's ranch. There is some writing on the back of the photo in Lillie's hand, "Jim doesn't show on this, and the other one I took of the three of you didn't turn out to be any good. I think Tommy snapped the thing afterwards - it was the last exposure on the film."

The old chap is pictured sitting in the living room in Coleraine reading a book. Probably a book of chess openings or perhaps problems. I think sometime in the mid 50's, but that's just a guess.

This photo was taken in the late 50's or early sixties, but I'm not sure where it was taken. Does anyone know? Tommy must have taken the photo since he's the most obvious missing member.

This is a photo of TT from about 1964, but that's also a guess. I don't have many photos from that time. It's a pretty young Tousan before Tousan-hood. The top of the young chap's head is chopped off, but it's not a bad shot otherwise.  It was probably taken at Dad's place in Minneapolis.

The picture below is half of a photo of the old guy that Mark said he carried in his wallet for quite a number of years. Taken in about 1970?

Only one more frigid, frigid day in this very cold December. It's currently -18º F. in Grand Rapids, plus 1º F. here.  I'm hoping for an early January thaw. Perhaps a pipe dream.


Santini said...

Interesting old photos, I haven't seen them before, as far as I can remember.

I think the dining table shot is from the Saw place, just based on the ages of the people around the table. I can't quite place it, though.

Jimi said...

Maybe the photo was taken in the "little house." It just doesn't look very familiar.

I may post a few more when I get "a round to-it."