Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Puny plan

My plan to stop the onslaught of snow and cold was to buy a new snow shovel. Surely that would make it stop snowing at least. Pictured below is my brand new, $18 snow shovel. It may be a puny plan, but it's what I've got.

This evening I was recruited to be a substitute curler on the Flaherty Rink. They curl at the Frogtown Ice Center on Minnehaha and Western. I found my broom, my gloves and my curling shoes and went to the rink at about 5:30. Surprisingly I still remembered a few of the skills necessary to play the game, and since I was subbing for the skipper, the other team members suggested that I skip. So I did. It was fun and we won 8-3.

In other news, NCW went back to Pengilly and reports that her pipes were frozen when she got home. Luckily her hair dryer had enough power to rectify the situation and things are essentially back to normal. The prediction for temperature in Pengilly tonight is twenty below. I wonder if this is how the last ice age began.


Santini said...

That's about as wintry a post as I can imagine. A snow shovel, curling and frozen pipes. I can't imagine what January and February will bring.

A hair dryer worked to thaw frozen pipes? Exceptionally good news.

Hang in there.

Gino said...

In turn take out?

Draw to the button?

Jimi said...

Gino: The old skills were a bit rusty, but I did a couple of in turns, but no intentional take outs. I had one draw that was close to the button.

In one end with the hammer, we were lying three and I rolled an intentional guard on the last rock. I had little faith in my ability get four and to avoid shooting myself in the foot.