Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Big snowstorm

The current snowstorm is pretty big here, but northern Minnesota is getting it much worse. NCW has had pretty much constant snow fall since she left here on Sunday. She's not that far from the North Shore of Lake Superior where the predictors are saying there will be three feet (.914 meters) of snow on the ground before the Snow Queen stops distributing her bounty. That's a lot of latent beauty.

After slip sliding to tennis and back, I went out into the front yard to record the continuing snow falling on the street. We had the opportunity to shovel thrice, but I was only involved twice, because PP cleaned the sidewalks while I was bashing forehands. It promises to be a pretty day tomorrow when the clouds go east and the sun beams through. Fresh snow is nice looking. I think that winter is here. The local news channels go on and on as though it has never happened before, but it has. And we got through it and I actually got some fine photos the last time it was winter here.

This photo more or less demonstrates the amount of snow we received today. They've been saying about four inches in this part of the metropolitan area.

All the shoveling on a day like this called for a pot of soup. I made this pot this morning from all the remaining Thanksgiving veggies and some donated from various sources. It turned out pretty good, but since I have no recipe for it, it will not make the cooking blog. It's different every time.

Three weeks to Christmas.

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Santini said...

Pretty good attitude in the face of winter. Hard to believe it's just 3 weeks until Christmas. I seems like it was just Thanksgiving.

The soup looks tasty.

I hope NCW is hunkered down somewhere until it clears up. That's a LOT of snow!