Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Darker than yesterday

It's days like this that foster Florida dreamin'. It was a barely above freezing, drippy sort of day. And it's going to snow overnight according to the weather prognosticators and then wind chill temps set in. December. But I actually feel pretty lucky. NCW is back in Pengilly and it's been snowing pretty constantly for the last two days and there will be another 9-10 inches before it quits. That gets it way too close to 20 inches of white loveliness.

I prefer to think about and appreciate this sunrise photo from Florida in 2007.

I guess winter is here, ready or not.

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Santini said...

That looks like a windy sunrise in the sunshine state. Gotta admit it's beginning to sound good to me, too. I got rained on twice today, but the snow is mostly gone for now.

20 inches of snow? Yikes. It's starting off to be a tough winter.

The amount of December blogging has been surprising. It's fun to read the blogs without any pressure to post if I have no story to tell or photo to share.