Sunday, November 16, 2014


January continues.

 I was out for a walk this p.m., partly for exercise and partly to find a blog-worthy photo. It was too cold to really get creative, and hard to convince myself that taking the gloves off was worth whatever dingy photo I might be able to capture. I think it's time to go to the well. I have a lot of pretty sweet photos in reserve and stories to go with some of them. I think.

Rodin's "La Penseur" stands, or maybe more correctly, sits, in the garden at Rodin's museum in Paris. I like this famous statue and even have a different photo, one taken in 2011, framed and hanging in my bathroom. This one was taken in 2010 a few days after spending a rainy day at Roland Garros Stadium and the French Open tennis Tournament.

I should grouse a bit more about November. I think.

Unky Herb was here for a while today to visit his friends in Skyrim. PP has taken control of that planet now and seems to have it under control. NCW took a fast visit to Swan Lake for a dentist visit and see how the winter is settling in up north. I did the New York Times Sunday crossword puzzle and now am trying to get another post done.

It's Sunday and it's halfway through this blog every day in November process. I think I'll make it.


Santini said...

It's a massive sculpture, isn't it? I thought the Rodin Museum was closed during one of your trips to Paris?

Bare fingers freeze quickly in this weather. You made a good choice.

Hang in there -- we have rain in the forecast for next weekend.

Jimi said...

It's a lovely sculpture. He has a bunch of nice ones there.

It was the Picasso Museum that was closed. I think that it has recently reopened.

Gino said...

Wonderfully cryptic references to Skyrim. I am in agreement that it is important that SOMEONE keeps control of that planet.

Sweet photos in reserve and stories to go with . . . them. Sounds to me like BEDFAMM.

Jimi said...

BEDFAMM????? I know not that acronym. Anyone?

BDE said...

Hmm. Best ever day for alternative mental models? Somehow I do not think that is it.
The Rodin Museum is one of my all time favorites.
Let's hope for some sunshine and warmth in the coming week.

Gino said...

Check the sub-entry on the Santini Acronym guide for NaBloPoMo. Also known as BEDFAMM.

Jimi said...

Thanks. I see it now. "Blog Every Day For a Month Month"