Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Election Day 2014

We walked to Trader Joe's this morning. The sun was shining.  The amble served as exercise and was also useful, because we bought some groceries that we'll need for NCW's famous tater tot hot dish. We'll be making it this time with sweet potato tots. It's the first time I'll be enjoying this particular recipe. Then we'll be watching the results of 2014's election.

I've featured this statue? of Winnie the Pooh carved from an old dead elm tree before. It was missing for maintenance for a while, but it's back now and it was decorated for Halloween. It's still decorated four days after the Halloween festivities. We encountered it on our walk back from Trader Joe's this morning. The people who own it also have a Little Free Library in their yard.

There were fewer lawn signs this election season than last, but there were some over-achievers. These signs festooned the lawn of one of my neighbors. This is a strongly blue district and all the signs support candidates from the blue side of the ballot. But it's good to know that there is some political emotion running through this "midterm" election.

My polling place wasn't very busy when I visited this morning. I cast my ballot and collected my "I Voted" sticker.

The bridge for today is a minor span that carries the traffic on Lexington Avenue over a bike/hike trail in Como Park.


Santini said...

The tater tot recipe may need to go on the Family Food Blog.

I may have to go looking for some bridges. My favorite one here is actually the old bridge over the Pigeon River, which is just some hunks of concrete in the river.

Jimi said...

I talked to NCW about the tot recipe. It doesn't seem to have a recipe. It's more of a concept enhanced by a dash of this and that. It came out good. PP joined us for dinner.

I encourage you to look for bridges. I live in a river city with hills, so I have a plethora of spans. But go for it.

Santini said...

Then she may be requested to make it here or in Florida at some point.

Hills and rivers help a lot. And highways. Definite advantage. But we have some nice foot bridges over creeks and such. Something to look for when I get tired of beaches.

BDE said...

Today was a glorious November day and I also took a walk. I walked from Nina's coffee shop (very cool place for writers, across from Frosts) to the cathedral, to the mansions along Summit for almost an hour. I saw no bridges but lots of impressive buildings,
PS I used to enjoy tater tots.

Gino said...

Really fabulous light in the big city today. A DFLer lives in that one house.