Friday, November 21, 2014

Tag, a dog

January seems to be relenting just a bit. We climbed to 28º and slush began to appear.

Tag, the border terrier that we had for 11 years, was a puppy in November, 1991. That was a nicer November than this one and besides the kids, later to be known as PP and UH, got a dog. And what's as cute as a puppy? I found and scanned some photos from his first few days here. A dog, even (or maybe especially) a puppy will change your life. He was around for quite a spell, until 2002.  "If you want a friend in Washington, get a dog." - Harry S Truman.

There aren't many border terriers around, but I've run into someone walking with their canine from time to time. The last time was on Pike Island when I was walking with PP. The dog's owner was surprised that I recognized his breed, but one gets to recognize the features of one's own hound dog.

Alert and happy dog.

A sleeping dog gathers no moss.  My hand for scale.

I played a couple of sets of tennis again today. I was planning to take the day off, but one of the other geezers had to go to his wife's retirement party, so I played for him at Fort Snelling. It was enough to get me back to knackerdom.


NCW said...

There's something really special about a cute little dog who can wiggle his way into your heart. They are such fun pets.

Retired Professor said...

Lynn= and I refer to Charlie as our goddog. We send him home when we are done playing with him.

Santini said...

I meant "granddog". Not the same thing at all.