Friday, November 28, 2014

Photo Booth shenanigans

There was some talk at the Thanksgiving get-together/feast that the photos from the August wedding of Unky Herb and YY hadn't received enough exposure.  The photo booth shots were entertaining and fun to do.  I have copies.  The folks in these photo are well known to my usual readers.  The photographer deserves credit.  Spicy Meatball Photography.  They did a good job.  They provided a release requiring that no money be made off these photos.  These are free.  As Santini says, "Behave."

The bride and groom:

Some people mostly dressed in blue.

The father of the groom and a lady of the lake.  Swan Lake.

The same crazies.  This photo was made into a print and a copy given to me.  I put it up in the second bathroom to scare puppies.

Some gypsies off the street.

Visitors from the east.

Just two more days of BEDFAMM bedlam.


Santini said...

Gotta say that I love this one. It's fun, colorful(!), and reminds me of warmer times. Congrats for stirring things up a bit.

BDE said...

I agree: very colorful and fun! Thanks for sharing.

OSLO said...

Enjoyed the pictures. Thanks for sharing. Good memories made!