Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Sixty years ago

I played tennis today. And it rained, or at least dripped most of the day. It seemed like a good day to find an old photo that I hadn't ever posted and to post it. I found this one from, I think, 1954. That summer Tommy and I spent most of the summer at Uncle Marvin's farm. One of the things I learned that summer was that cleaning out a chicken coop is not any fun at all. I resolved to find an occupation that didn't involve chickens or their stink. I later chose software. It worked out pretty well for me. This photo was taken at Mark and Sue's. The youngsters are my cousins. I think I'll post this on Facebook, too, for their benefit. I don't remember the car, but I assume it was our family auto. Correct me if I'm wrong out there.

Today's bridge is a newish addition to Como Park. In the last two years the powers that be, with the aid of taxpayer money, upgraded a leaky pool near the labyrinth. Part of the upgrade was this fancy stone bridge from one side to the other.


Emily M said...

I guess I didn't realize that Como Park alone had so many bridges. It's like a theme within a theme.

Santini said...

I think Judy and Carla would like to see that old photo.

I like that stone bridge -- although it doesn't look like it was strictly necessary. It doesn't look like it would be very far around the pool. It's a busy place though -- I remember being there one day last summer and it was quite crowded.

Mrs Smith said...

Nice unnecessary bridge photo. I have walked over the bridge crossing Lexington many times to the labyrinth and this new construction. Like Santini, I thought I could just walk around the pool, but the area is much more artistic and pleasing nowadays. (I have never used the word nowadays before and am amazed it actually is a word.)