Tuesday, November 25, 2014

My Tennis Racket

Wilson Hyper ProStaff 6.1 tennis racket. I've been using it, or one exactly like it, since about 2001. It was the racket of choice for Roger Federer for a while in 2002 before the French Open that year, but he has since moved on to newer technology and I'm still playing with a 13 year-old racket. I even bought a new racket in about 2005 that I thought would work for me. It was a nSix-one tour 95 - a racket very much like Federer's racket in 2004-2006, but after playing with it for about a month, I started to get pains in my shoulder so I came back to this one. I gave the nSix-one to Unky Herb.

This racket is getting scarred up from scraping on the court on low shots and the paint is beginning to look bad in spots. So I'm thinking about maybe buying Fed's newest racket - the one he's supposedly using now. Wilson ProStaff RF97 Autograph which is $219 on the internet. My main problem is finding somewhere to get a demo racket and trying it out to see if I'm man enough to swing a racket worth that much dough. And whether or not the racket is as good as it has been reviewed. Fed participated in the design, so it's probably a great racket.

November is getting towards the end and it's back to acting like January. It may be a really long winter.

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Santini said...

$219 is about the price of a really nice pair of bike shorts. Too much money to waste, but not a big investment for something that gets that much use. Good luck finding a demo racket.

All winters are long, it seems. It's just not my season.