Friday, November 7, 2014

Old photos today

It's November and sometimes November has these sort of days when photography is just not called for. Too dark and colorless.  I'm posting a recent photo - about a week ago - taken at Como's Japanese garden. There were still bright red leaves on a few trees and it made for a calming scene. The garden there is a nice place to visit anytime except on weekends when there is almost always a crowd.

Friday (today) is the third of my four days in a row tennis marathon. This week, I'm worn out after two sessions - yesterday and today - of competitive tennis. I may be improving my conditioning or maybe I'm just wearing down. I played at Fort Snelling, in the bubble, with John, Bill, and Dennis, the usual suspects. We've been doing winter tennis together for at least five years, all in the bubble. Our average age has now passed 70, but the young lady at the front desk still lets us play on court one, what we call the show court.  It makes us try harder, I suppose.

I guess if I'm going to use an old bridge photo, I should use a very old one. This is 41 years old. It was taken in 1973 somewhere very near the Golden Gate Bridge. If it seems like a lifetime ago, that's because it was a lifetime ago.


Santini said...

I made the same call myself -- and that old bridge photo is worth dusting off and presenting, I think.

That's a lot of tennis. In a row, especially. Good job.

The Retired Professor said...

Jimi -- At last count you had 18 comments on the one photo you posted to Facebook. Maybe you should figure out how to put your blog posts on Facebook -- I've seen it done, with just the title and a snippet showing up on Facebook with a link to the post. (Jill in Alaska does that.) Your cousins seem to really enjoy your old photos and such. Google how to link Blogger with Facebook. Or ask Wireless.