Saturday, November 15, 2014

No wonder distemper

January continues.

I played some tennis this morning. The competition was keen so we only finished a single 7-6 set in 90 minutes. When I came out of the tennis club, it was again snowing - no snain to be seen. Just snow. It didn't accumulate much, but on the drive back from Woodbury I had to wait in line on the freeway as an accident was cleared in what's known as spaghetti junction - the area where 35E and 94 merge. Someone had spun out on the icy surface and smacked the wall of the freeway. The police were on the scene.

I did a little shoveling in the afternoon, but had some help from PP, who was here for some yoga with NCW and some adventuring in Skyrim. The alley behind the garage is pretty icy and I was careful to stay upright - a good policy for any septuagenarian. While I was in the alley I photographed the back yard. Is it still November?

The comet visitor, Philae, has used all its power and since it's in the shade and relies on solar batteries, and is a long way from the sun, it put itself to sleep. There is hope that it may awaken when the comet gets closer to the sun and the sunshine brightens. For now it is masquerading as a boat anchor. Nonetheless, the ten year chase to catch this comet was a great technical achievement.


Santini said...


That spaghetti junction accident was repeated all over, I suspect. We've had quite a few of them here, too.

Staying upright is a wise objective.

Emily M said...

The comet landing continues to be utterly amazing to me. We landed ON A COMET. It's just crazy.

Gino said...

January continues seems pretty accurate to me.

Mrs Smith said...

I wish I were still playing tennis. You have persevered and continued to play good, long sets and regularly. Way to go, TT.