Thursday, November 13, 2014

After the faux apocalypse

On Sunday I posted a photo that was meant to be a "before" photo, followed by an "after" photo showing the 12-15 inches of snow that might have fallen on Monday, that did indeed fall somewhere near St Cloud. I didn't want to waste a good theme, so today I took the "after" photo while on a late morning walk with NCW. The trees are in Linwood Park.  the photo's not very dramatic, but it's what's happening here this chilly November, that's pretending to be January.

The sun came out for a while while we were walking this morning. It was cold, but the blue sky and sunshine made it worthwhile.

I played some tennis tonight at Wooddale. I often stop at Yang's to get Chinese food on Thursday night, but it seemed redundant today, since there are already Chinese food leftovers in the fridge. Tennis was good, and I'm going to have some of the Chinese food now before bed time.

1 comment:

Santini said...

Those are pretty pictures, and your snowfall amounts look about as reported on the blogs. But really, the first half of November?

If I was planning to eat dinner at 9:30, I'd be up all night with heartburn. The tennis gods are harsh.