Monday, November 17, 2014

Old photos from the archives to fill this space today

January continues apace. It was 9º this morning and 14º as I type.

The archives are summoned again. This time I'm using black and white photos from the 40's and 50's. These are more than 60 years old, but like all good black and white photos, still pretty clear.

The first one. On the back of the print it says," The Sun. Buddy was babtized [sic] Aug 1946. " And in pencil, "I have the negative so you can keep this." I think that I know all the principals, although one man is obscured. I'm guessing Al Hoffman. Leona is probably the photographer.  It may have been taken at Nils Olai and Jacobine's place on county U.

I think this was taken in 1952. I think I know all the people in the photo.  Taken at Dick's ranch by Yellow River.  The puppy for scale.

This one says "1953", and only that on the back. I think that is the latest of the three and I am not sure that I can recognize everyone pictured.  It, too, was taken at Dick's ranch.

So the challenge is to identify all the characters.

I had a walk around the neighborhood this afternoon with the intention of getting a photo of the cold.  Cold just looks boring.   Besides, my fingers were cold and the wind was cold enough to sting.  The weather beasts are predicting sub-zero wind chills for tomorrow morning.  Does the term "polar vortex" sound familiar?


Retired Professor said...

The last one cries out for Facebook.

Santini said...

Photo three has strangers in it. Judy and Carla, all four Miller kids, three Gomulak girls, with Charlotte possibly holding a fourth. The baby Tom is holding? And Carolyn should have been in it somewhere. That's all I've got for that one.

In the first photo is Dad holding Gene, or is that Bud?

Jimi said...

Cousin Judy says the two girls and the boy are the Hansens - Nels kids, Sharon, Shirley and Ronnie. I don't know the babies yet. Facebook may help.

Dad is holding Bud, I think. The photo is August, 1946.

Jimi said...
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Santini said...

I also think the obscured man in the "Bud" photo could be Grandpa Anderson, just judging from the hat, and the fact that he's small enough to hide behind Dad. Uncle Al was a bigger guy, I think.

Jimi said...

The reason I think it's Al Hoffman is that the occasion is Bud's baptism, and I think the photo came from Leona. She has (had) the negative.

Retired Professor said...

Facebook is efficient for this kind of thing.

Jimi said...

I guess Facebook ferreted out the identities of all the kids in the 1953 photo. I may have to post the other ones too.

Santini said...

They nailed down the date, I think. Sweaters, jackets and the red poppy in your cap indicate it was Memorial Day 1953.

Gino said...

Photo 1 my vote is Grandpa. That hat says Grandpa to me. Also skin tone, by 1946 he was pretty weathered and Uncle Al was always on the light end of the complexion scale. Grandpa.

Photo 2 I readily assign identities to every person in the photo, perhaps the puppy is McCune's dog Tag?

Photo 3 I get the same set of IDs. I didn't spend enough time around the Hansens to make that link.

Location 2 and 3 are quite recognizable to me, location 1 I have no clue.

Gino said...

And the 1953 thing is almost certainly fall. Poppies are a "Remembrance Day" feature, Armistice Day, not Memorial Day. Fall, not spring.

Remember when November was light jackets and sweaters?

Jimi said...

We tried too hard to get it close to the 40th anniversary - June 13. The photo does look fall-like. I had forgotten about the Armistice Day connection. Good catch.

November was once a fairly pleasant month.