Saturday, November 22, 2014

Revisiting 1944-46

November made a comeback today. 36º at 4 pm in the Saintly City. But it's cloudy and gloomy.

I'm posting a couple of photos from the 1940's. The first one has four generations of women - Jacobine, Hansine, Lillie, Sylvia. The background - Gloria Hansen, Richard Anderson, Jake Hansen, Nels Hansen. I'm guessing 1946 based on the supposed age of the youngest in the photo.  The photo was taken by the door to the farmhouse at Dick's Farm.  Photographer unknown.

The Anderson family from, I think, 1944, mostly because Santini is absent and it looks like she may be born soon.  Back rows: Marvin, Sue, Marian, Lillie, Louise, Dorothy, Leona, Hansine.  Front: Tommy, Richard, Jimmy, Anita.  This was taken very near the same spot as the first - just a bit to the west perhaps.  Richard's cigar and hat on the ground for scale. Photographer unknown, but may have been my old man.

I indulged in a bit more tennis today. We played two sets in 90 minutes at Wooddale this morning. The participants are not yet geezers, except for me of course, but mostly sixty-something aging, but active athletes. It was my fourth day in a row, and I'm basically knackered. I get three days off from the wars until I start again on Wednesday.

NCW and I took a walk to Penzey's Spice emporium on Grand Ave. this afternoon, too. We were in need of cinnamon and cumin, plus a walk was called for after the recent nasty weather that was beginning to induce cabin fever. The sidewalks were mushy and slushy and didn't feel dangerous. I think the ice will return next week, but for today all was good. Penzey's always smells nice.


Santini said...

Facebook? The cousins seem to love those old photos.

Sounds like it's time to give your bones a rest. And your racquet. Good job, though.

October 1946 said...

Here's one time I can pretty much officially deny any knowledge because it was all before my time.