Wednesday, November 26, 2014

An apple pie before it's a pie, and maybe after

I've been waiting for the apple pie maker to arrive. PP decided to go do some rock climbing and then do a pie later. Rock climbing is her newest activity and the pie had to wait. The ingredients are ready, but she just arrived and the pie is a distance from completion. I decided to show a few of the ingredients and then maybe later, if I'm still up and about, edit and add a photo of the finished product.

I went to the grocer on Grand earlier to day to get some granny smith apples and, by special request from the baker, a few honey crisps. They were busy at the grocers, all the last minute preparations were going on in the midst of a snow squall. I managed to get the ingredients and get home in time to shovel and get ready to go play some tennis at Ft Snelling.

Before the pie:

Perhaps later; after the pie is done:

EDIT:  Going into the oven.

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Santini said...

Nice looking ingredients, nice looking pie. Enjoy the festivities, and a Happy Thanksgiving wish to you and all of your family. (NCW is included in that, of course.)