Sunday, November 2, 2014

A foot bridge at Crosby Farm Regional Park

It's Sunday and, for November, a fine day. The temperature as I write (type?) is 58º, quite a reasonable temperature. It's the first day back on Central Standard Time and my timing of meals and exercise is out of whack. But this afternoon NCW and I took a little walk down to the big river at Crosby Farm. The sun was out and there were other souls about, but not much excitement. They are planning a deer hunt for the 10th of the month to thin the herd a bit, and to save some of the near neighbors' hostas and flowering bushes next year. The hunt will be by permit only and just archers need apply.

I'm continuing the bridge theme for another day. It seems to make the month more interesting if I have a theme. The only bridge we encountered on the walk around Upper Lake and along the Mississippi was this foot bridge. It's old and showing signs of rot, possibly because it's quite often under water. It's in a flood plain, after all.

A scene at the southern end of Upper Lake in Crosby Farm Regional Park. It was pretty autumnal.  The leaves have fallen to the ground.

We ran into a group of film makers on the trail near the river. They were shooting as we approached but stopped as we grew near. One of them asked us if we wanted to be in the film, but we begged off. I think it was a group of students doing a class project, but they were pretty old for high school. I remember doing a film back in the 1970's for a film and photo class, too. It was quite a bit of fun. I think I may have a copy of it around here somewhere.

November is off to a fine start so far.

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Santini said...

Late autumn from the looks of it. A walk at Crosby Farm sounds like a good way to start the month of November. And that is an interesting minimalist foot bridge.