Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Sweet Sixteen

January continues unabated.

 It's not very often that you turn 16 and get a snow day the same day. So, a big happy birthday to Teej, aka Totally Jammin'. I have a picture of him with a happy group taken in 2005 when he was six and a half. It was PP's graduation from college and he and his family came to help us celebrate.

I've been outside a time or two today, but mostly don't recommend it. It's been below freezing continuously here since early August. Or, at least, it seems like it.


OSLO said...

A wonderful picture of everyone. Everyone looks happy. Good memories made that day. Thank you for remembering tj's birthday and all his nicknames. Stay inside. Winter is back in full swing. Time for it to be gone. This may be the last time he has the luxary of no school on his birthday.


Anonymous said...

I know right, normally birthdays and snow days don't go hand in hand. But it's always nice though, I really do enjoy it, tell everyone I say hi. Also thanks for the birthday wishes :)


Santini said...

Nice post, Jimi. I remember Kelsey's big day quite well, and we were glad we could be there to share it.