Saturday, November 1, 2014

Como Park Streetcar Bridge

I guess November has once again raised its relatively ugly head. It's time to suck it up and blog every blessed day - and the few ones that have been cursed. I've been keeping some powder dry and plan to stretch out whatever resources that I have.

Today. A couple of days ago NCW and I went walking in Como Park and came upon workers restoring the old Streetcar Bridge. I may have a photo somewhere of what it looked like a few years ago, but this is how it looked last week. Historic restoration is always of some interest to me, maybe because I can remember so much of the history of the last century. This bridge predates my historic memory, but there are old newspapers. I found an article explaining the bridge in the Strib from 2012.  Online.

November begins. Set your clocks back tomorrow night.


Emily M said...

Welcome to another NaBloPoMo! Excellent start - I've always been curious about that bridge.

Retired Professor said...

I'm going to set my clocks back tonight.

That is an interesting looking bridge -- there's something about bridge architecture that is appealing to me visually.

Jimi said...

RP: If you forget tonight, set them back tomorrow night.

I might go with a minor bridge theme for November. Maybe.

Santini said...

Good advice. It may be next week before I get them all set properly. The one in my truck is usually the last one done.

Bridges could make for a good minor theme. Themes seem to help, and you live in an area with some nice old bridges.

BDE said...

If you go inside that building visible beyond the bridge, there is an interesting museum about the streetcars (and a map on the floor). My dad was a streetcar driver and he loves a book I bought him a few years ago about the history of streetcars in the Twin Cities.