Monday, November 24, 2014

I lost my new camera

Sometime last weekend my new walk-around camera turned up missing. I searched all over the house thinking I had left it in the pocket of my parka. It wasn't to be found. I've only had it since February 6th of this year, but it takes pretty good pictures if I point it in the right direction. I like that camera. It's a lot like the one that Santini has been using, except mine is the silver body and not quite as fancy. I was beginning to think that I'd have to go buy another one just like it at Best Buy. Or maybe the gods were telling me to use my SLR camera more. But I had a couple of candidates for places it may have fallen out of my parka pocket. Fort Snelling and Wooddale, the places I play tennis. Today I visited Fort Snelling and their lost and found department. They had a lot of stuff - shirts, gloves, socks, and a fine assortment of water bottles - but no camera.

I drove to Wooddale and checked into an almost deserted facility. I asked the woman at the desk if I could check the lost and found. She asked what I was looking for and I described my hand-held camera. She had it at the desk. The lost is found. So I walked outside, lighthearted and took this next photo. It was getting ready to snow and there was a dark looking sky, but the day was much brighter than when I went into the building.

The second picture I took after I got it back. It's the place where I lost it. They call it the "Fun Zone," but I call it Wooddale Tennis Center and that's the name I put on the check when I pay my tennis bill.


Retired Professor said...

Yahoo for finding the camera. It's a nice one and takes pretty good photos. I got mine because likedo yours. I'don't be bummed if I lost it.

Retired Professor said...

My phone has auto correct and it's annoying.

Emily M said...

I'm glad you found the camera, and only in the 2nd place you looked! That would be a shame to replace it so soon.

BDE said...

I love this story!