Friday, November 14, 2014


Some tennis today at Fort Snelling.  Just a couple of sets and a ten point tie breaker.  It was cold and very January-like here on the tundra.  I can't like it.

The European Space Agency just landed a washing machine size package on a comet 300 million miles from earth. And they sent back souvenir photos and a lot of scientific data. I see by the inner tubes that there is a conspiracy theory emerging that the comet is actually an alien spaceship.  The Rosetta probe was sent to make contact with them. I hope it wasn't a theory hatched by Jesse Ventura. In any case, the comet has a long name representing its discoverers, a couple of Russian astronomers (see blog title). I've been watching the Rosetta website and hoping that they find lots of interesting, actual scientific facts.

Fountaine du Saint Michel at Place St. Michel in Paris. Another photo from 2011. And another site in Paris named for NCW.   The couple in the foreground dilly-dallyed so long taking their memento photo that I just went ahead and included them in my memento photo.  Then I continued walking towards my goal that day - Jardin du Luxenbourg.


It all culminated that day in a sunset through two more of the ponts on the Seine.  So I'm able to work in another bridge shot today - and a shot of two bridges. I don't remember which two.


Santini said...

Amusing, all those St. Michel locations. Nice memories to have.

Sometimes, some rare times, news is good.

Gino said...

The bridge photo is grade A. Very nice. I intend to look and see what I have from that day.