Saturday, November 29, 2014

I blame the shoes

I was running out of ideas for BEDFAMM, so I broke a couple of fingers so that I'd have a bloggable subject. Tennis wasn't going as well as usual or as well as I like it to go. The first set was lost and we were a bit behind and I wasn't about to give up on any point. There was a sharp volley to my backhand. I turned and reached for a low bounce, but as I ran to my left I caught my left shoe on my right one - or vice versa - and fell heavily on the ring and little finger on my left hand. I also lost a little skin on my knees, but the main damage was to the fingers. I was sure immediately that at least one of them was fractured. That was it for tennis today. I think the shoes were to blame - see their guilty expression below.

My bound up left hand after a trip to urgent care and some X-rays. Two fractured fingers and probably a cast for a while.

We had Flaherty family Thanksgiving today at NCW's daughter's place. Plenty of good food, plenty of fun, and there will be more as leftovers tomorrow. NCW made buns and pie and also a ham to go with the 12 pound turkey. And stuffing for the bird. Maybe more than that. I was mainly a spectator. I have a hurt hand.

Only one more blog this month. I'm going to make it. too.


Santini said...

Nikki says, "That's a little much, Uncle Jim."

As for falling down while tripping on shoes -- I highly recommend holding on to a trash bin on the way down. All I hurt was my knee.


Take care of yourself!

BDE said...

Yikes, ouch, bad luck (and bad shoes). The cast appears to be on your wrist and the two fractured fingers are just kind of sticking out, not bandaged. What's up with that? I hope it is not still painful or they gave you some pain killers.
Take care!

Jimi said...

Cast is next week when the swelling subsides.

At least my knees are ok.

Santini said...

One handed typing to finish out the month -- or perhaps a "photo finish"? You're either really stoic or on good pain meds -- that was a lengthy post for a dude with broken fingers.

My knee is scuffed up a bit, I'll admit. At least my fingers are okay.

Gino said...

If I were you I would blame the shoes.