Thursday, November 6, 2014

Flowers, bridges and exercise

There is a fall flower show at the Como Conservatory. It's mostly mums, but there were also a lot of swiss chard plants growing among the blooms. It's part of a subtle movement to include edibles in flower gardens. It was a pretty sight all in all.

I found another bridge at Como Park. This one is another foot bridge and mostly decorative. It stands in front of the faux water falls near the Black Bear Crossing cafe. It appears in lots of wedding photos when receptions occur at the park.

It was Thursday tennis at Wooddale Tennis Center. When I got home after an exhilarating 90 minutes, NCW and PP were just finishing up a session of yoga. It was workout day today in the River City.


Retired Professor said...

Pretty flowers, nice bridge. Kale gets used a lot here in outdoor fall plantings
Yoga is hard work. Good on all of you for your workout schedule.

Gino said...

Ummm, chard.

BDE said...

Both are lovely photos of places I love.