Monday, November 3, 2014

Como Streetcar Bridge (Obverse view)

It's a cloudy, misty day with drops of rain appearing occasionally.  But it's still warm for November.  No snow yet.

I decided to revisit the streetcar bridge renovation at Como Park. A lot of my tax money is used to provide better bridges and bike and hiking trails in Ramsey county and I wanted to see how it's being spent. There were workers around, moving dirt and getting ready for landscapers, I presume. There was a bobcat scurrying about grading the area next to the bridge. There's also going to be some upgrades to the bike paths in the area. There were bobcats behind me too.  The bridge deck still looks pretty ragged, but I guess the basic structure is still sound, and they're going to run a path over the top of it. There's a lot of work left to be done.

There is also another bridge visible in the background. It's the Lexington vehicle bridge that goes over the foot/bike path to the west side of Lexington.

There is a fairly new foot bridge that spans Lexington Avenue. Probably less than ten years old.  It's near the labyrinth at the park. It was erected a few years ago to make it easy for a bike or a pedestrian to get across the busy street. It's actually a double bridge because the span also goes over the bike trail that runs along the avenue. NCW for scale.

There are a lot of bridges at Como, more than I realized. This may be fertile ground for my current blogging theme.

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Santini said...

I had a hard time finding the Lexington vehicle bridge at first-- kind of a "Where's Waldo" deal. The architecture of your two bridges is quite similar -- they look like sturdy bridges.

Nice theme work.

"HI" to NCW.

It looks like your leaves are about done for the season.

Emily M said...

It's kind of interesting how similar those two bridges look. Nice comparison.