Thursday, November 20, 2014

November 2006

January continues to repeat itself.

I was outside for a while today. It was just a quick trip to top up the larder, but it was colder than November should be, a high of 18ยบ. I went back in my archives to see what previous Novembers held for us, before the popularization of the term "polar vortex." I found a photo of the Lake Street bridge from November 9, 2006. The sumac were in full color and the trees looked like they were going to keep their leaves a while. The photo was taken from the park at the end of Summit Avenue. It was shortly after PP went to Takehara, Japan.

The main activity today was cooking. NCW baked some of that Scandinavian Dark Raisin Rye Bread from the site that was referenced by Santini on Facebook. It has molasses, raisins, cocoa, and rye flour. It turned out to be pretty tasty, but NCW is going to use more yeast next time. I made a big pot of Turkey Chili with Black Beans and Bacon. I'll have a big bowl of it later when the simmer stage is done.  It smells like it might just fill the need for January comfort food.

I'm off to play some tennis tonight at Wooddale Tennis to shake off some of these January blahs.


Santini said...

Nice fall color, and even a bridge. Good photo choice.

What's the deal with bacon in everything? I saw a maple bacon flavored frosting in the grocery store today. Though it might be pretty good in chili.

Santini said...

Bacon, not the frosting, would be good in chili.

Mrs Smith said...

That chili sounds delicious. Was it?

Jimi said...

The chili was and is delicious. There are leftovers.