Sunday, November 9, 2014

Before the apocalypse

The weather guys seem to agree that we'll be getting some of that white loveliness on the ground by tomorrow in time for morning rush hour. The neighborhood was alerted and nearly all the neighbors were out doing their last minute clean-ups - raking leaves, cleaning gutters, making sure the snow blower would start, etc. I, myself, with the help of Pster, cleaned the gutters, turned off the outside water faucet, and stowed the garden hose in the attic of the garage. And picked up some more leaves that had blown in since the last time I raked. The leaf recycle center on Pleasant Avenue had a line about a quarter of a mile long, all waiting to deposit the last of their leaf crop in the large pile by the railroad tracks. I'm waiting until after the snow melts to do my deposit.

I took a photo early this afternoon at Linwood Park to serve as my "before" picture. Tomorrow or Tuesday I'll post the "after" shot.

The landscaping for the renovation of the streetcar bridge near Lexington Avenue in Como Park seems to be complete. They've sprayed that green stuff with grass seed in it all around so that there will be grass there next spring. There is still some need for concrete work before the job is done.

My shovels are ready. Let the storms begin.


Santini said...

That's a great old stone building behind the streetcar bridge.

That whole "snowpocalypse" thing is starting early this year.

As I mentioned to Gino and Emily, my advice is to hunker down.

Emily M said...

Bring it on, I say. At least we're prepared.

Think that green spray of grass seed will survive the snowpocalypse?

BDE said...

That was my question, too. It's not that easy to get grass to grow in my experience. They out that same green stuff on the golf course we had lunch near today, so maybe it does work. You should do an after picture of that, too (around May or so).